June 20, 2010

Happy Fodders Day Daddy

I am the luckiest boy in the whole world, cuz I have my daddy
he likes lots of things and we do lots of fun stuff together, come along and I'll show you...
My dad loves milk (I think this will be enough)

My dad loves helicopters he even flew one

He loves car shows and look its my two favorite Grandpas hope
they have a great grandpas day they are the best...

honk honk its always fun with grandpa in the fire truck

and we laugh when we play knuckles

grandpa gives me lots of tickles

weeee he takes me down the slide

I think grandpa is the greatest I love you

we love you dad/grandpa your the greatest!!!

We go really fast


thanks to kyle for letting me ride his scooter oh and there's
dad one step behind me you would'nt think he was a little
nervous or something

Daddy loves to play basketball with me

and he loves to kid around with my mommy

He taught me how to drink from a hose

I was drenched daddy was proud

we've pondered the unknown

smelled the ocean waves

let sand squish between my toes

made a sand castle

he has let me help him put toys together
my dad is pretty handy

He's been right there by my side helping me so that I can walk one day

My daddy is my biggest fan

He taught me how to fold my arms

and now I say the prayer (multiple times)

he taught me to touch my nose with my toes

We love to swing together

Sit by the camp fire

Ride motorcycles

Laugh with each other

he reads stories to me

we feed the ducks

My Dad is my hero....

I hope I grow up to be just like HIM

I love you, you love me, we love DADDY yes sireee
with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won't you
say you LOVE ME TOO!!!


Malia said...

Well...nothing like a good cry on Monday morning. I am SOOOOOOOOO happy that Scott has that little guy. And so glad that little guy has such an amazing daddy.

Bonita said...

Malia and I must be related...this gave me a good cry too. What a beautiful Father's Day gift for Scott. I'm so thankful Scott and Britton have each other! They sure are best buddies! And I'm thankful they have you, Jen! I love you all!

Barb said...

O.K.!! I'm crying too. Britton's sweet little spirit just shines through those pictures. What an adorable little boy. When I watched Scott hold my little Annie as a baby I knew then that he would be a wonderful father. I wasn't wrong. Britton has a pretty special mom too. Love all the pictures and love you too!delee

Nellie said...

What a sweet post! I'm so glad that Scott has his little buddy to spend Father's Day with. We love you guys!

Suz said...

What a great post! Love all the darling photos and the new blog layout too!

Leesee Girlyfield said...

What a great post!!! So many fun pictures. Little Britton is such a beautiful boy and I love him so much! He is so lucky to have the best daddy in the world!!!!

Michelle B said...

Love all the photos of the wonderful grandpa's and especially the proud dad. You have a wonderful family. And one cutie of a little boy.


Tawna said...

No fair! Bonita told me to check this out and I'm totally bawling -- Happy Tears of course! Those are amazing moments...couldn't ask for more! Love you guys!